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All    you    ever    needed    to    know    about    me!

Hey There! Thanks for dropping by to my little piece of web land! Well I guess I will tell you about myself... I am 15 almost 16... I love alternative music, being with my friends, going out shopping, unicorns and fairies, swimming, summertime, traveling and lots more stuff. I feel very strongly about animals and their rights in life. As for my looks I am 5'2 and I now have shoulder length hair. My favorite band in the whole world is Garbage, but I also love Everclear, silverchair, Third Eye Blind, Fiona Apple, Save Ferris, Smashing Pumpkins, The Superjesus, Bush, and Matchbox 20. If I had one wish in the world, I would wish for everyone to be a little nicer to everyone else, I believe that would solve most, if not all, of the world's problems. I guess thats it for now.... take care... Please take a little time and sign my guestbook!

My links

Punch a celebrity: Here you can have a fight with a celebrity!
Slap a Spice Girl: This is the Slap a Spice Girl site! Please, I don't want to get mean letters from Spice Girl lovers, as it was meant in good fun. No offense to anyone
Amused Sites: These are links to really cool sites
Virtual Flower: Sends virtual flowers to people. (I'd sure like some....)
Garbage: The greatest band!
Smashing Pumpkins: Site
Daria: Here is the site of a really cool show
Virtual Puppy: site
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: We must protect those who can't protect themsleves
Bosnia Petition: do what you can to help
Night Life: Cool Page : )
Just Cat: This has gotta be my fav homepage!!! it rules!
Kool Nannies: this is my new homepage

Melissa McCoy
Montclair, Ca

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